Simple Lady


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lirik nih @ Jul 4, 2010

It fills the air,
And I fall in love with you,
All over again,
You're the light that faced the sun,
In my world,
I'd face a thousand years of pain
For you.

Out of all the things in life,
That I could fear,
The only thing that would hurt me,
Is if you weren't here,

I don't want to go back
To just being one half of the equation
You understand what I'm sayin'?

With out you I'm lost
Can't face this focus at heart
Between me and love
You're the common denominator

Before your love was low
Now you're just my height,
We chase the game that would put
My cot in the side

Broken heart rise up to say
Love is alive
You and I would stand
To be multiplied,

I'm never ever not,
Without your touch,
Every kiss that you give,
It gives me heart,
And to all the heart it can,
Jealous females hate it,
I'ma hold it down for you,

Just a fraction of your love fills the air
And I'd fall in love with you all over again

lirik nie buat ak nangis lg teruk......
stop nangis pja.....